Pre-Sterilized / Ready-to-Use Primary Packaging: Focus on Cartridges, Syringes and Vials, 2018-2030

40 day(s) ago

Pharmaceutical packaging plays a key role in ensuring the sterility and quality of a drug product, while providing information related to its identity and, in certain cases, dosing instructions as well. Primary packaging, owing to the fact that it is in direct contact with the drug / therapy, is considered to be critical to the preservation of the product’s stability, efficacy and safety. Further, given the growing complexity of modern pharmacological interventions, especially biologics, it has become imperative for drug / therapy packaging considerations to be reevaluated, taking into consideration the evident shift from large batches of one remedy for everyone to smaller batches of more personalized treatment options. In addition to optimizing drug-packaging compatibility, stakeholders in the pharmaceutical packaging industry have adopted a number of other flexible solutions to reduce overall cost and expedite time to market.


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