Fill / Finish Services Industry: Impact of the Swelling Biopharmaceutical Pipelines

2 day(s) ago

Biopharmaceuticals represent the most rapidly growing and high-value segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Growing at an annualized rate of ~12%, the industry stands tall with more than 5,000 biologics in development and over 300 FDA approved biologics, since 2002. Biologic drug development is characterized by high quality standards and a rapidly growing demand for novel and effective treatment options. Even though it is a technically challenging field, outsourcing has grown into a promising and prominent segment, especially for manufacturing and fill / finish operations. In spite of the fact that fill / finish services are one of the crucial stages of product development, these operations represent one of the most heavily outsourced activities in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, it is estimated that about one-third of the total fill / finish operations are outsourced to contract service providers.


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