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3000 Polar Ln #501
Cedar Park
(512) 400-4321
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We are so glad you have chosen to consider us to help and we know it helps to know about the people and the place you may choose to do your counseling work! You can learn about all the team members in the About Team Members tab. Here you'll learn about the center and how we started. Russell, the owner of the practice, started working the mental health field at the turn of the century! That makes him sound really old, but it was just a couple of decades ago...does that help make him sound younger? Regardless, he knew that he wanted to be able to have a place where healing could happen. The vision was to help people heal their mind, body and spirit. What he didn't know was how his experiences in his career would mold his practice, but his experience in trauma work quickly grabbed his attention and became his passion and focus for much of his career. Today the center is focusing a great deal on trauma and we want to reach as many people as we can so we make sure that everyone in the practice has training and experience in trauma work and most are trained in EMDR.
We also want to be well balanced and be able to help those who wish you address other types of issues! To that point, we bring in therapists with varied experience like grief and loss, play therapy and couples work. We also make sure there are different types of education among our staff, like LPCs, LMFWs, LCSWs and even LPC-Associates (watch our YouTube video on the different types of licenses/credentials) and will expand to bring in others. Additionally we make sure there are varied specialty interests so we can help a wide variety of people. You can read more in our Specialties/Info/Groups tab.
As we mentioned earlier, the vision includes mind, body and spirit and we want to help the whole individual heal. While we eventually want to offer other services like massage and acupuncture, for now we have great referrals for those services! We even have good referrals for doctors, dentists, surgeons, psychiatrists and others too.
Reach out to one of our mental health professionals in Austin Tx today to see how we can help you!


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