Electric Double-layer Capacitors Market: Competitive Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2019-2028

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Electric Double-layer Capacitors Market: Introduction
A capacitor is a two-terminal passive electrical component, employed to store energy electrostatically in an electric field. It is a widely used in electrical circuits for various electrical devices, especially the electric double-layer capacitor.

Electric double-layer capacitors are commonly known as gold caps, ultra capacitors, or super capacitors, is an energy storage device which have high capacitance than other capacitors or batteries. They have high power capacity, fast charging options, and longer life cycle as compared to those of batteries.

Electric double-layer capacitors are widely associated with batteries, as they are an ideal source of back-up and peak-power.

In an electric double-layer capacitor, the electrostatic charge is stored by splitting positive and negative charges; therefore, they chemical reaction is not used to store energy.

The energy store capacity of a typical capacitor is measured in nano or micro farads, while an electric double-layer capacitors can be rated in farads.

An electric double-layer capacitor consists of two different types of constructions; the first is the stacked form, while the other is the wound construction form.

The wound type has similar construction to that of an ordinary radial electrolytic capacitor. These capacitors are available with maximum cell voltage between 2.1V & 3V and capacities up to 3400F can be achieved with these cells.

The stacked type offers voltage of 5.5V by integrating cells in a row and is available with capacities up to 1.5F, these are mostly used in real-time clock (RTC) applications.

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