AEIS Preparatory Course Centre

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Full address:
Bukit Batok Street 31 #02-326 Block 371, Singapore 650371
Business phone:
9685 3689
Learning School
AEIS Preparatory Course Centre is an online learning platform located in Singapore and specializes in helping children enhance their learning abilities and achieve superior academic performance.

With Flipped Classroom and Interactive eLearning, we help your child to learn better and take ownership of their progress and development.

No other AEIS Courses in Singapore has attained better passing rates in AEIS Examinations than AEIS Preparatory Course Centre.
Services provided:
Given the current situation in the world, Enobel is one of the many to choose from when people are looking to online classes for supplementary learning.

Lessons at Enobel empower students with the 21st Century Competencies imperative for exceling in this rapidly-changing globalised world. Progressive instructional strategies and techniques are employed, among which is the Linchpin Advancement Method (LAM:tm:)

A Linchpin Competency is a specific proficiency that underpins outstanding academic performance in a particular subject. The Linchpin Advancement Method allows students to acquire the necessary Linchpin Competencies.

Students get to learn on Enobel in two modes: (1) Expert Training Videos and (2) Online Interactive Class. The Online Interactive Classes are automatically recorded for revision, which also ensures that any absentee can catch up on lessons missed. These modes bring about the best of both worlds in the form of live guidance by the teacher as well as flexibility in learning at the student’s pace.

Subjects offered on Enobel are English, Chinese, Math and Science across primary (PSLE) and secondary levels (‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels). Classes in AEIS, IB and iGCSE are also available.


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