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Valvesonly Europe is the leading duplex steel valve manufacturer in Italy. Duplex steel ball valve is a common form of valve used to regulate and monitor fluid flow. It is opened by turning the handle counterclockwise and closed by turning the handle clockwise. When the ball orifice is aligned with fluid flow, the valve is said to be open, and when the valve handle is turned 90 degrees, the valve is said to be closed. Duplex steel ball valves are used for on / off control without causing a pressure drop, and are excellent for quick closing, as a 90 degree turn provides a full closing angle, whereas most manual valves require multiple envelopes. Duplex steel ball valve with a fluid control ball designed for better corrosion resistance.

Body Material: Duplex Steel (F51, F53, 5A, 6A).
Class: 150 to 2500.
Pressure: PN25 to PN450.
Size: ½’’ to 24’’.
Ends: Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Flanged, Threaded.
Operations: Pneumatic Actuated, Electric Actuated, Gear Operated, Lever Operated.

Uses of Duplex Steel Ball Valve:
Duplex Steel Ball valves are used in piping systems to limit or enable the passage of a fluid (liquid or gas). They are known as quarter-turn valves because all that is needed to adjust the valve position from fully open to fully closed or vice versa is a 90o rotation of the handle.

Advantages of Duplex steel Ball Valve:
• It gives the right seal to the pipeline.
• There is no chance of leakage when the valve is completely shut off.
• It’ll not reduce the pressure of flow when the valve is totally opened.

Duplex Steel Ball Valve is use in many industries like:
• Chemical Industry
• Petrochemical Industry
• Power Industry
• Drilling Platform
• Gas Supply and Water Supply Industry

Valvesonly Europe is a duplex steel valve manufacturer in Italy. Duplex steel ball valve with a fluid control ball designed for better corrosion resistance. We offer high quality valves with a high level of protection without sacrificing quality. Duplex grade steels are used to make duplex steel ball valves. With austenitic and ferritic phases in the structure, the duplex grade has high strength and corrosion resistance. The metallurgy of these steels allows a multitude of applications. This material is used to make durable, robust and corrosion resistant valves. Duplex steel valves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ball and gate valves, and are used in a variety of applications.

Duplex steel ball valves are primarily designed to provide better corrosion resistance, especially chloride stress corrosion and chloride pitting. They have a higher resistance than stainless steel. These valves normally function to provide a tight seal. The main purpose of this valve is to provide unobstructed flow with less friction loss.

Duplex Steel Ball valve controls the flow by a ball pierced with an opening in one direction and fixed to rotate on a spindle at right angles to the opening. It is a valve that checks flow by the seating of a ball. The duplex steel ball valve is used to turn on and off with no pressure drop and is ideal for quick closing as a 90 degree turn provides a full closing angle, compared to several turns required by most manual valves. Duplex Steel Ball Valves are arguably one of the best corrosion resistant alloy grades available. In fact, duplex steel ball valves are particularly resistant not only to chloride stress corrosion, but also chloride pitting corrosion. Duplex steel ball valves are nothing, but we can say that it is an advanced design compared to normal ball valves.

The following are some typical applications of Duplex Steel Ball valves:
Liquid, Air, gaseous applications Drains and vents in liquid, gaseous, and other fluid services applications Steam service applications.

For more details visit our website. https://www.valvesonlyeurope.com/product-category/duplex-steel-valve/


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