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The ideal way to do Ant Control in House is to use poisoned bait which works extremely well, as it is prepared with the behavior of ants in mind. This poisoned bait consists of a mixture of sugary substance and poison. Once the ants eat their fill, they carry the bait to their nests to be stored as well as to share with others. The Ant Exterminators Seattle has made the poison bait ingeniously. The poison in the bait acts slowly so that the workers have enough time to carry their nest before they die. The ingeniousness continues further when the body of the dead ant is eaten by other ants. In small nests it will take about 2 days and in large extended colonies about 3 weeks for the total eradication of the nests and colonies. Eventually the queen also will eat it, and it is the end of the colony. Ants are of various kinds. Carpenter ants pest control becomes necessary when these ants become a menace to the timber used in houses. Then there is the black ants pest control, and big ants pest control to kill black ants. Ants AMPM Exterminators is engaged in ant’s natural pest control. Often kitchens are swarmed with ants and then sugar ants pest control and fire ants pest control are in the cards. Flying ants are a real menace as they don’t always keep to the ground and get into all kinds of things, to the detriment of many. So pest control flying ants becomes necessary.


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