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Neo-Science ( is a company that develops quality products to meet the needs of its customers. We have over 100 technicians who are responsible for delivering every product safely and providing support. Neo-Sciences has been developing innovations in order to keep up with their client’s demands, such as facial recognition software which will help medical professionals identify patients more quickly and accurately at crowded hospitals by scanning through images on file or from security cameras instead of having them line up one-by-one; 3D printers capable of laying down layers just 20 microns thick – less than half the thickness used today - could create replacement cartilage inside joints without invasive surgery, building bones using stem cells taken directly out of people's bone marrow and many more.

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Neo-Science Enterprises is a company founded to address the need for next generation sequencing technology in clinical and research fields. The enterprise has worked with BGI, an organization that provides genetic testing services worldwide. We have completed more than 5 million Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT), making them global leaders on this type of test service. Other services we offer include Oncology Screening & Diagnostics, Rare Disease Detection, Premarital Testing, and Reproductive Healthcare screening tests, as well as RNA sequencing panels which scientists use for their research field projects. Neo-Science has been providing high-quality products to companies since the company was founded. With this responsibility in mind, we are here for you with the latest technology and equipment that will keep your laboratory up-to-date!

When it comes to the medical, laboratory, and research industry, Neo-Science has you covered. From simple testing kits for diagnosing diseases to life support machines that keep your heart beating, we have a variety of products designed specifically for every need in any lab or hospital setting. We also offer artificial intelligence software with customizations tailored just for you!


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