Empower Your Hybrid Workforce with Modern Intranet

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Empower Your Hybrid Workforce with Modern Intranet
A great intranet can empower your workforce (remote or hybrid) with collaboration software and policies in place to enable your hybrid teams to be efficient and company-focused, whether they are in the office or at home.
In fact, modern intranets are well equipped with powerful communication and collaboration features that can support your remote workforce software and enable all your remote and in-office employees to work effectively. A good intranet can be used to keep everyone informed, engaged and most importantly to encourage collaboration amongst a globally spread workforce.
The perfect remote digital workplace: Empower Your Hybrid Workforce with Modern Intranet
With the current shift in the way we are working, the efficiency of your collaboration tools is indeed a defining factor for your overall remote workforce productivity.
Collaboration is a necessity in today’s world whether it is for meetings, project discussions or simply for daily workplace social interaction. A digital workplace is the virtual alternative to the coffee or water cooler conversations as well that engage your colleagues on a personal level and maintaining a good digital workplace should be as effective as it.

How to use your intranet to empower your workforce
Here are the ways we believe a modern intranet platform can connect and empower your hybrid teams to ensure business continuity.
Enhanced Engagement
Collaboration and Employee engagement are central to every modern digital workplace, especially one that includes remote workers. So, everyone wants the best tools and means to make the most of team collaboration no matter where employees are. Whether it is to find the right person to answer a question or sharing news and gossip, these tools take care of everything.
Better Crisis Communication
A modern, intelligent intranet gives you access to all the publishing tools you need in an engaging way. It also allows for two-way interactions. The customizable site templates are included as well to get started almost instantly and effortlessly.
The Mobile App
Many employees may still be adjusting to hybrid work life. They may not be at the best comfort as in-office or have certain access to information challenges. Your digital workplace mobile App gives your team instant access to the communication and collaboration solutions they need to get work done from wherever they are, on any device.
This means everyone is well connected no matter where they work from and have all organization updates and news at their fingertips, with an effective intranet mobile app.

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Minimizing the Emails
Dashboards and information centers within an intranet can make the most of the medium through responsive templates that streamline the design and copywriting process and targeting capabilities to ensure that the important updates reach the right eyes.
Centralized Resources
Make it easy for employees to get their hands on the information they are searching for by centralizing all resources related to crisis comms. A dedicated site page or information portal serves as a hub, bundling together statements from senior leadership, changes in procedure, and notifications regarding safety. Empower Your Employees who are completing their tasks remotely will see a reduction in the time-spend associated with gathering news and updates and exchanging with the in-office team.
Maintain Privacy
Hosted collaboration software solutions always have maintenance and security challenges. Keeping a check on user privacy and accidental user-induced vulnerabilities can be a nightmare for any administrator. Here, the intranet can save the day by incorporating the privacy-conscious culture and prevent duplication of information across multiple platforms with a unified secured collaboration portal approach.
Uniform internal branding
A smart intranet can build a consistent internal branding of the company’s vision, showcases the culture and values to across the workforce and stay engaged. This is very important when the face time and the physical connection among teams is minimal.
Give your Hybrid Workforce an intelligent Intranet.
The effect of pandemic on the way we work will remain for a year or more say experts. The good thing is many organizations have cracked the way to still stay productive is with a well-structured remote workforce policy and hybrid working models. In both cases, having an awesome modern intelligent intranet experience can work wonders, optimize collaboration challenges, and enhance productivity.
Get in Touch with our experts to know more about how Saketa Intranet can enhance your Digital workplace experience to drive greater productivity.


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