Top 3 Advanced Intranet Features Checklist

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Intranet has become a necessity of Digital Workplace. Let us have a look at the best Intranet features that can help your organization stand out.

Intranet Features Checklist that can let you stand out

Mobile Intranet Facility
Mobility plays a major role in today’s new normal where almost nobody gets to work from the office. This makes mobility one of the most sought after intranet characteristics as well as an important essential for a remote workplace. environment.

Your intranet suite must come with a mobility app, customizable to have important News and Content from the intranet easily accessible to the users to let you keep up with it from anywhere. It should be capable of integrating most of your intranet features into its mobile version to ensure efficient reachability in any situation.

Access your dashboard, news center, employee details etc. securely in your mobile device
Enable visual branding, company-specific customizations and responsiveness on any mobile platform
Reach out to your peers, have quick access to your frequently used apps or manage your important documents conveniently from anywhere
Access and share information with your colleagues and teammates on the go
Built-In Templates and Site Provisioning Tool
Once you have nailed a specific site design after trying a lot of templates and customizations, you might be keen to use the same for other sites or pages as well. But it might be quite difficult to replicate as each of the small details need to be taken care of all over again. This might seem quite redundant and an absolute waste of time!

Instead, why not opt for an intranet feature that can solve this problem in a jiffy. Your Intranet Features Checklist must have an intranet that is powered up with a built-in Template and Site Provisioning tool, so that it can let you convert any of your Intranet sites or pages and save it as a template for further use. Clone, Copy and personalization of new sites with site templates is a great idea as well. Make sure that the intranet offers –

Built-in suite of flexible site templates to create new sections and widgets according to your company requirements
Site Provisioning tool that lets you use a preconfigured site template and provision them for others in a few clicks
The configurable approval process that can let your IT team stay in control of the Site requisition/creation process for all intranet powered site provisioning
Microsoft Teams Integration
An Intranet is supposed to be the gateway to accessing the different aspects of the organization by people with different needs, be it handling the important information, peer-to-peer conversations or official communication. And Microsoft Teams being the prime communication and collaboration tool, is the necessarily integrable app.

Therefore, an intranet platform must provide quick and seamless access to tools and applications such as Microsoft Teams, required to connect the members of a Team or even promote inter-Team communication. The ease and simplification of communication and collaboration ensure synchronization among the team members, evicting all kinds of communication gaps. Your intranet should offer either

Microsoft Teams integration within the Intranet
Intranet integration within Microsoft Teams
What Saketa Offers?
Saketa Intranet Suite is the flexible, adaptive and efficient SharePoint Intranet. It is user-friendly and focuses on giving you the best employee engagement experience ever. Understand how can it deliver a superior digital workplace experience to your organization in the shortest span of time and we are happy to be the proud owner of the SharePoint Intranet that ticks off your Intranet Features Checklist with perfection.

We offer an intranet that fulfills all the basic intranet needs and more.

Our Saketa Engage brings in the whole of your Intranet in your palm with the best in class mobile intranet app
Saketa Amaze takes care of all your Site Provisioning needs
Saketa Intranet’s My Space allows gives you the greatest personalization flexibility.
Saketa intranet’s News center eliminates the need of multiple facets of SharePoint content creation
Saketa allows Microsoft Teams to be integrated within it or gets integrated to Microsoft Teams as a Teams tab as well
Our award-winning Employee Engagement Platform creates a holistic workplace, fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and SAAS apps to drive your Digital Workspace.


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