9 Considerations for Building an AI-based Model for Cybersecurity

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In April 2019, Consumer Technology Association carried out a survey which revealed that the major utility of AI model in 2018 was for cybersecurity purposes. Specifically, an estimate of 44% of the total AI applications were employed in detecting and deterring security intrusions.

Furthermore, another survey carried out by Capgemini in July 2019, reported that over ⅔ of respondents claimed that the present threat environment indicates that AI will be indispensable in tackling future cyberattacks. It is therefore indisputable that the role of AI in cybersecurity is crucial.

If you’re starting to ponder: “how does AI work in cybersecurity and how can I implement this in my business?” The answer lies in the rest of this article, as we will be discussing 9 standard considerations for establishing an AI-based model for your cybersecurity needs. Enjoy!


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